Universal Remote

The way to synchronize universal remote along with your tv

  • Press the ok and 0 keys collectively on the dishtv commonplace remote until the tv mode led turns red: this shows that the far flung is prepared to examine.
  • Area the dishtv universal far flung on a flat floor. Take your tv faraway and region it in the front of the conventional faraway so that their led lighting fixtures face every different directly. The space among the remotes must be 5cm.
  • To software the general remote’s television power button, press the tv power key at the familiar remote. The purple television mode led on the dishtv remote will blink as soon as to confirm that you could proceed.
  • Press the energy key on the television far flung. The red television mode led at the common faraway will blink two times to verify that it has learned the command.
  • You can comply with the identical technique for vol up/down. Mute, supply & navigation (up/down/left/proper/ok).
  • To save the learned instructions, press the tv energy key on the standard far off till the purple tv mode led blinks thrice.
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